Why can’t big people’s clothes be made longer?

Hello world!!!

Today is Sunday, April 12th, around 11:50am.

Since I decided to have the stomach reduction surgery, I have been thinking about what upsets me the most about being fat.

One of the reasons is the fact that 8 times out of 10, when you need to buy a top, that being a t-shirt, a blouse, or a button down shirt, they are about 2 inches too short! Why can’t the manufactures figure that the piece not only needs to be larger in width as in the length as well??

And this problem is not only in regular stores, I find the same problem at Lane Bryant and Avenue as well. What do you guys think? All you people out there, do you go through the same problems?

3 thoughts on “Why can’t big people’s clothes be made longer?

  1. I hate that! I have found that I have better luck at Walmart then I do anywhere else. The only problem is that they do not have a large selection 😦


    1. Hello Beanna!
      You and me both!!! I just don’t get it!
      I have seem with my own eyes women in “Plus size” stores NOT buying a top, for being too short!!
      And sometimes you really love it, and would gladly pay more for a good quality piece
      of clothing “if only it was a little longer”!!!


  2. I find this happens in pants! I don’t have too long of a torso but my legs are long. Hello some fat girls are tall, not short! Or how about breast size? Not all of us ladies have massive breasts but our mid sections or arm are larger making us by a size bigger shirt but it make us look like we need to stuff our bras! Ugh, looking forward to having more clothing choices in the next year!

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