10 thoughts on “Deeeelicious!!!

  1. Eu cortei o gluten da minha laimentação tia Quel. Tenho mantido meu peso sem problemas. De manhã faço uma omelete com polvilho.


    1. Oi Cibele!!! Que bom te encontrar aqui! O problema com a comida sem gluten, e que pelo menos aqui, osm alimentos “gluten-free”,
      sao muito mais caloricos do que os “normais”. Cheios the acucar e sodium.


    1. Hello there!!
      You are right!! One problem I have with this “deeeelicious” diet is that in my house I just threw away what I could not eat,
      but when I go to my sister’s house, her fridge is full of “reeeealy” delicicious food, snack, cookies and etc… 🙂


    1. Well….It isn’t, but they say if you keep saying something to yourself, you are going to start believing it sooner or later.
      It hasn’t happened yet, but I keep saying it!!

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  2. I am using Slim Fast 3 times a day and Carnation Good start sugar free once a day and Premier Protein once a day. I have some type of broth every night with my family during dinner and I have jello at night as a treat! I have a 1200 cal goal for prep. Each program is different but you should find stuff to enjoy to drink so you don’t get bored or stray off the path. I am trying UnJury for after surgery. They have a trial bundle for like $22.

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