Feelling depressed…

Hello World,

It’s been almost a whole week since I posted anything here.

I have been feeling down, depressed and sad these last few days.

As those of you who have read my posts before, the last time I wrote was to inform you that I didn’t get the surgery that I was so excited for. Instead, I got a tumor removed from my stomach. I was very thankful that the surgeon found it and decided that was more important than any weight loss surgery. I really was very grateful.

As the days passed by (almost 2 weeks) I started to feel ..”why me”???Β  I really despise this self pity, annoying, selfish, self absorbed person.

Then today, talking to my sister, I realized that I haven’t taken my antidepressant for almost 2 weeks. The doctors told me not to take any of my meds for about a week before the surgery, and I just completely forgot to start taking them after I Β left the hospital. I have been on this medication for years, and without it, it’s like a dark cloud is over my head (just like the commercials).

Well…no more!!! I already took my today’s dose and pretty soon, I’m back to my old self!!!!!

See you!!

PS: Do any of you who have had this surgery, have had a burning sensation on your belly??? Like someone is pressing a red hot iron to your stomach (on the outside)??? Β ***Let me know I’m curious to see if anyone else went or is going through the same thing***

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Hello world! I didn’t write the week before my surgery. I think that I was more nervous that I wanted to admit. I was anxious about what to expect, how my life was going to change, and if I was ready to face this new phase iny life. 

As you know, if you read my post before, my surgery was at for May 4th. As an expecting mother I got into a serious case of “nesting”. I cleaned my house top to bottom, did laundry, organized my closets, sent E-mails long overdue, got rid of junk mail …. You get the idea, I was ready for my recovery time.

I didn’t sleep well the night before.

So… Monday May 4th was finally here !!!

I went to the hospital, got there half an hour early just to be safe. Changed my clothes, and waited to be called, and waited (I got there at 5:30am).

At 11:30 it’s my turn!! A nurse came to get me and I see my sister waiting outside (picture please)!!! 


Looking at my face, you know how excited I was!!!! Super happy!!!

I don’t remember much after this moment, thank God, right? ( I do remember thinking that I didn’t tell my  mother, sisters and niece that I loved them) 😞

After that the next thing I can remember it was that awful moment when they want to you wake up,  the esthesiologist tells you to cough and take deep breaths (not bothering to take that tube out of your mouth first),  I felt like I was dying!!!! And I slept again! 

When I came out of my beauty sleep, my surgeon came to talk to me and said… 

“We could not do the sleeve procedure on you, because we found a tumor on your stomach and it had to be removed”. They sent to be analyzed and we’ll get the results in 5 to 6 days I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • It wa a moment of Thank God!!! And at the same time,  %{#?Β£~>&@$!/:);##*!πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜€πŸ˜«πŸ˜©πŸ™€πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜΅πŸ˜€

The good news is that they are still going to do the surgery in the near future… Maybe even in a month from now!!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

 Post surgery picture