Feelling depressed…

Hello World,

It’s been almost a whole week since I posted anything here.

I have been feeling down, depressed and sad these last few days.

As those of you who have read my posts before, the last time I wrote was to inform you that I didn’t get the surgery that I was so excited for. Instead, I got a tumor removed from my stomach. I was very thankful that the surgeon found it and decided that was more important than any weight loss surgery. I really was very grateful.

As the days passed by (almost 2 weeks) I started to feel ..”why me”???  I really despise this self pity, annoying, selfish, self absorbed person.

Then today, talking to my sister, I realized that I haven’t taken my antidepressant for almost 2 weeks. The doctors told me not to take any of my meds for about a week before the surgery, and I just completely forgot to start taking them after I  left the hospital. I have been on this medication for years, and without it, it’s like a dark cloud is over my head (just like the commercials).

Well…no more!!! I already took my today’s dose and pretty soon, I’m back to my old self!!!!!

See you!!

PS: Do any of you who have had this surgery, have had a burning sensation on your belly??? Like someone is pressing a red hot iron to your stomach (on the outside)???  ***Let me know I’m curious to see if anyone else went or is going through the same thing***

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7 thoughts on “Feelling depressed…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been down. Depression is a sneaky bitch and I hate her guts. I hope you get to feeling great soon and that your sleeve surgery is scheduled before you know it!


  2. I’ve actually MISPLACED my antidepressant before. And for a couple of days I’m like, “I’m fine…I’m fine”….then I forget about it and before I know it, “SMACK!” Depression right in the kisser. Then I’m turning the house upside down to find the antidepressant I hadn’t taken in a couple of weeks. And it’s almost like an immediate lift once I take one after I’ve been without it. It doesn’t work that fast, but it’s knowing I’m on the way to feeling better. Gosh I got wordy just to say, “Yeah, I totally get that”. lol


  3. So sorry about what you had been going through. About the surgery: I had an incision years ago from where they took out both my gall bladder and went behind it to remove a large tumor from one of my kidneys. The site of the incision healed rapidly and well, however, I DID sometimes feel a lot of heat/burning (and itching) at that spot. Still, I think it would be best to ask your doctor about it. Besos y Abrazos!


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