2 weeks to go!!

Hello world!!

Today I start the last phase of the preparation for the bariatric surgery.
For the next 2 weeks I have to go into a liquid diet. I have to drink 3 protein shakes a day with no sugar and no calorie liquids.
Now… you have to understand that as a Brazilian, I grew up drinking coffee. I remember having for breakfast bread with butter, a glass of coffee with milk, and lots of sugar. I’ve never lost my love for it, sometimes I make a fresh pot late at night. I even learned to have it without sugar (ok…now and then I still have a cup with 3 sugars). Now, I’m allowed only a single cup of coffee per day!!! It will be very hard, but I will do it!
I will do whatever it takes for this surgery to work!!

Raquel Gudiri's photo.

New York, New York!!

Hello word!

Last week my cousin from Brazil and his wife came to the US for a Coffee Expo in Seattle, and they took a few extra days to stop by to see us first.

Since they had only a few days, we tried to show them as much of the city as we could. So on Monday April 13th it was my day to take them out and about.

We went to the New York Public Library, I introduced them to Patient and Fortitude (gorgeous lions). The building is so beautiful and full of details, I was sorry we didn’t have more time to explore it.

We also went to the Grand Central Terminal. Fantastic place!!! So big, so full of movement, life and noise. We loved it!!! Again, sorry, not enough time!

Then we met with my lovely, wonderful, sweet and gorgeous niece Melanie, who came from college to keep us company.

From there we took the train and went to The Statue of Liberty, a little cold, but a wonderful ride on the ferry. It’s a great outing, so much fun!

After that, my cousin had to see the 9/11 Monument, so we walked there (W-A-L-K-E-D), they made something beautiful out of such a huge tragedy!

They wanted to see the Bull…I said forget the bull…a bull is a bull, when you go back to Brazil, see a real one and imagine it being made of metal!!!!

Ok, so from 9/11 Monument they had to see the Brooklyn Bridge, I said ok!!!!

I got them to where the wood part began and said to them “here is far enough for me, I will sit in this nice little bench and you guys can go and check the rest of the bridge”. They went and for about 30 minutes I sat on that bench and didn’t move a muscle!!!!

I almost cried when I saw them coming back, because it meant I had to get up and walk again (W-A-L-K)!!!

Did I mention that New York is a City better seen walking??? NO?? Well… it is!!!
So, when they finished  with the Brooklyn Bridge, we decided to go home.

I said a little prayer of thanks to God and we took the train to the station so we could take the bus to my sister’s house in Fort Lee.

Did we stop on the right station? No!!! We took the wrong train and passed it quite a lot. We had to go upstairs, downstairs (no escalators!!!) to get to the right train.

By this time, my brain is fried, my back hurts, my knees are on fire, my ankles are breaking and my poor, sorry feet are silently crying!!!!

When we got to the Port Authority, it was around 7:30pm, we had been walking and going up and downstairs since 9am, I was DONE for the day.

You, my friend, might ask me…. Raquel, weren’t they tired too??? The answer to this question would be in big, capital letters, NO!! Because when we were almost inside the Port Authority, they saw a sign for the Carlos Bakery!!!

The Cake Boss show is HUGE in Brazil right now, and nothing I could said would’ve made any difference, because they need to take a picture with Carlos’ cardboard picture, and order cupcakes….well, I had one too, because after the day I had I deserved a cupcake and I ate it too!!!

Then, we finally went to my sister’s house!!!

This long, exhausted, painful but fun day, reminded me that even though I want to lose a bunch of weight, look better, and most of all feel better, I love this body that has taken me wherever I want or need to go.

Ps: I think that I should mention that I had never been to most of this places. I have been living 30 minutes away from one of the most exciting, fun, energizing places in the world for over 24 years and I never go there and enjoy it. Of all the places visited that day, I had seen only the Statue of Liberty….That’s a shame…. One of my plans for when some of the weight is gone is to go out more and see, really SEE what is out there!!!

It’s getting closer!!!!

Hello word!

Today I had the last tests for my bariatric surgery.

The time is coming that I won’t have to “roll into myself” when in a bus, so someone can sit beside me. You, chubby ones out there, know what I mean. When you get on the bus and get a seat, hoping that it won’t get full, but when it does, you lift your arm to the window, touch your hip to the side and cross your arms on top of you, so you get a little narrower…It’s something you have to see to understand… it’s a little funny.

What it’s not funny, is when you sit close to someone on a bus, only to have that person get up and stand for the rest of the trip. It has happened to me and it’s very humiliating, some people can be very cruel!!!

So, yes. I’m very excited for my day under the knife, and looking forward to the day when I can get into any kind of transportation, being that a car, a bus, a train or a plane and not worry if I will fit into them and not bother anyone with my size.